The extensive experience of LV research consultants offers the opportunity clients to drill into the specific area of the marketing mix which may be of relevance at a strategic or tactical level, in the context of a range of survey types.

Survey Types

Understanding the current stage of the Libyan market is a critical entry point into meeting consumer needs and requirements. Our Usage and Attitude Surveys and Segmentation surveys provide a clear measurement of the key behavioural, purchasing and usage habits which underpin consumer behaviour.
We go beyond simple measurement of market parameters and scrutinize data in order to give answers to the key questions that truly matter of

  • Which are the segments in the market that I should focus on?
  • How big are these segments and what is my potential in them?
  • Which are the needs of these segments?
  • Where can I find them to address their needs through communication, promotional or other marketing activity
  • How can these segments best be addressed?

New Product Launch surveys offer clients the opportunity to explore the key product benefits and drawbacks associated with new concepts or the introduction of international brands into the Libyan market place. Critical insights are delivered in terms of:

  • Necessary improvements at the product or communicational level
  • Key leverage points in launch
  • Market demand sizing and estimation

In addition, new concept development is based on a rigorous and multi-stage qualitative approach.

Pricing is central to virtually every business strategy. Specific surveys are designed to address issues of optimum pricing points, price sensitivity measurement, price elasticity and conjoint-based pricing testing.

Customer retention is central to continued business success. LV offers ad hoc one-off or continuous customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement tracking programs in order to help clients identify their leverage points, understand the drivers of continued customer commitment and pre-empt negative trends of consumers 'walking away'.

Brand and Corporate Image Surveys allow us to fully capture the impact on consumers of the radically changing social and market environment in the Libya market. Measurement of brand and corporate image health takes into account client strategic objectives and filters them through the local attitudes on branding in general, answering the key questions of…

  • How healthy is my brand?
  • What does my brand connote to Libyan consumers?
  • How can I retain my global or regional values and still tap into the sensitive local requirements?

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