Qualitative research at LV is conducted through Focus Group Discussions and one-on-one In-Depth interviews. It is based on high quality moderation with Focus Group discussions pre-piloted and verified prior to project commencement.

Qualitative techniques utilize a range of projective and other techniques which allow us to delve deeply into the consumer mindset. Our approach to qualitative research is centred on both insight and actionability with a very strong focus in understanding the mindset and in particular paradigm parameters and shifts.

Focus Group Discussions and In-Depth Interviews are complemented with a range of Observational methods in-store, or through mystery shopper exercises.

Quantitative Research of National Coverage

LV is proud to maintain a national outreach in terms of fieldwork capacities in a country that is vast in terms of its geographic area, but also with significant local variations. Project management for all the main cities is carried out by local supervisors under the overall project management of the Tripoli Head Office. We adhere to strict quality standards at all stages of the research project, from conception through to final completion including:

  • Sampling technique training
  • Interviewer questionnaire training
  • Pre-piloting of survey questionnaires
  • Back-checking

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